Alleghany, California

   Alleghany is a small mountain community in the Sierra Nevada. The one reason that this town came into being, survived, and it's future, (still to be determined), is GOLD. The total production from this area is estimated at 50-75 million dollars. That's when gold was $35 or less per troy ounce. At the current price of gold it would be closer to 2 billion dollars. Man has always turned to gold mining when times were tough or the value of gold made mining a better way to make a living, or a get rich quick plan for some. Some people get rich from mining. Most do it for a paycheck. And a few do it for recreation. All of them will tell you that it's the hardest work that you'll ever want to do. Why do they do it? The good miners will tell you that it's not the value of the gold they find that keeps them mining, it's just finding the gold. The boss can worry about how much it's worth. There has always been a few concerned citizens in the world against mining or at least some environmental aspects of it. I say the world needs a few watchdogs. Then, there are the preservationists who say all mining is bad. Well, to those people I say " Don't buy anything that is made from any product that is mined ". After all, supply and demand, right? Let's examine one product, gold. If gold was not a part of your life, (forget about jewelry), you would not have any of those wonderful electronic devices like that computer that you are using right now. Or, cell phones, microwave ovens, the lasers that correct peoples vision or are used in operations to save lives. I could go on...but, off of the soap box and back to that little gold mining town, Alleghany. It's where the past and the present are forged together. Where every cloud has a golden lining, and every rainbow wishes, that instead of just having a pot of gold at one of it's ends, that it could have one of it's ends in Alleghany.

Photos by Gerard Forsman 8/96

Antique Trucks on Main Street in Alleghany, CA.

Main street in Alleghany as it winds north through town.


Alleghany Monument.

Monument  in the center of town, near the 16 to 1 mine office.


Rush Hour in Alleghany.

Rush hour on Main Street in front of the post office.



More Alleghany history in THE DAILY TRANSCRIPT of 1910


Award Winning Gourmet Jelly and Jams.




Alleghany Transfer Station (The Dump)


"Where the heck is Alleghany, California?"

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Alleghany Weather Forecast, CA







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