Half-Track, Logging in Oregon

   These photo's were taken about 1991, on 40 acres of timber that I owned east of Portland, Oregon. I used the Half-Track as a yarder, a skidder, a crane and a tow truck (for when it got too muddy for my 4X4). As you can tell, it works for a living. This Half-Track was originally sold as surplus to Skamania County in Washington and was modified for plowing snow. It was then sold to a man in Oregon City, Oregon and he installed his own version of a cable operated crane on the back. He used it for unloading trucks for his heavy duty sandblasting operation. In 1976 he moved to Tigard, Oregon and no longer needed the Half-Track for his business. That's when I bought it.  I built and installed the A-Frame hoist and painted the Half-Track with my own camo pattern and colors. I made a windshield out of Lexan (polycarbonate). Before it went to the mine in 2000, I installed a new A-Frame rest behind the drivers compartment (for when the A-Frame is folded forward). I fabricated a new roof, installed a new Lexan windshield and gave it a new paint job. I have to tell you, anytime I drive it on the street, It gets more looks than any custom painted hotrod I've ever owned!!! It's not some sort of restoration... sitting around somewhere... just collecting dust... waiting for a parade. It's a hard working civilian, looking to the future and telling stories of another time.











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